What a long strange trip it's been...???   well...  we've always been here but the hosting and website issues were overwhelming.

Spars are available and shipping out, the latest information is best obtained by contacting me direct at (the same email address) :


The phone number here (still the same) :     210 374-8552

Spars in stock are:

72" Mill finish           $20.00

96" Clear Anodize     $27.00

96" Black Anodize     $33.00

72"  IOM round         $25.00

120" J Class              $75.00


GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY!  DHL is back shipping in the USA again, so we have been able to ship 120" spars for around $85.00  I know....  that's still pretty ugly...  so we are thrilled to have a lower price.  Shipping for up to 96" spars in the Lower 48 is typically $25.00 including the tube. Please ask for an exact quote.

There are simply too many projects to even begin covering, at least 7 new boats, sails, fittings, and new spars. The 96" black anodized spars are here and they look GREAT.  The new fittings (gooseneck) are now IN STOCK for all the  airfoil  masts. We have the masthead, mastfoot, deckstep plates, spreaders, just about the whole rig... we are getting closer. These are still being made on demand.

We had the first fully functional test on the software/hardware interface for the new genoa winch in September and it was a complete success. This is the first fully digital proportional genoa winch that will move headsails of all types. This is just a basic page to make sure that we are pushing on our end and it's coming out on the net, and that has been struggle enough.

Model sailing continues to grow globally, it's amazing stuff folks...